Morpheus 8®

Remodeling the face and body

Morpheus 8 ® allows to act actively on skin laxity, wrinkles and fine lines, skin irregularities, facial oval, double chin, scars, acne, stretch marks, cellulite and hyperhidrosis.

Session of 15 to 30 min 

With local anesthesia 

Progressive effect in the following weeks 

Lasting effect over time 

Suitable for men and women





A natural anti-aging treatment

Morpheus 8 ® is an innovative fractional skin treatment that stimulates collagen production in the deep layers of the dermis. By targeting the deep layers of the skin, the structural elements are reorganized in a natural anti-aging process.

The radiofrequency energy heats the deep layers of the skin in a controlled manner to stimulate collagen production. Morpheus 8 ® is suitable for all skin types (light to dark).

The Morpheus8 ® now penetrates the subcutaneous tissues to a depth of 7 mm thus pushing the limits of fractional radiofrequency.

What are the indications?

Morpheus 8 ® can be used to treat :

- Sagging skin on the face and body (neck, décolleté, abdomen, knees, elbows, thighs, buttocks, arms)

- Wrinkles and fine lines 
- Skin irregularities (pores)
- The oval of the face and the double chin 
- Acne scars and scars 
- Active acne
- Stretch marks
- Cellulite and orange peel effect
- Underarm hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

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