Restore volume, firm the skin and improve its overall quality

Sculptra® is a treatment that visibly reduces wrinkles and loss of elasticity, wrinkled and sagging cheeks, and slows down skin aging.

30 min session

With or without anesthesia 

Progressive effect in the following weeks 

Duration of 24 months

Suitable for men and women





Une efficacité prouvée

Sculptra®, produced by Galderma, is a biocompatible and resorbable tissue inducer whose effectiveness has been proven for 20 years. It is composed of L-polylactic acid microparticles that stimulate collagen production by the fibroblasts in the treated areas.
L-polylactic acid, with its slow degradation and adapted viscosity, gives Sculptra a unique mechanism of action for progressive and lasting results.
Sculptra® works precisely on areas where volume and elasticity are lost and gives your skin the power to rejuvenate by regenerating your own collagen.

These gradual and natural improvements in skin quality result from the natural stimulation of collagen production in your skin.

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