Lutronic Clarity II laser hair removal

Long-term hair removal

Laser hair removal for all phototypes 1-6 (white to black skin) without damaging the other skin structures. Thanks to its dual wavelength, it also has an action on pigmented skin lesions and vascular lesions.


Session of 15 to 30 min 

With or without anesthesia

Immediate effect with improvement as the sessions progress

Permanent effect in the very long term

Suitable for men and women

Laser hair removal rates

Upper lip

50,00 €

Around the mouth

80,00 €

Full face

120,00 €


50,00 €

Under the chin

80,00 €

Back of the neck

80,00 €


50,00 €


80,00 €


120,00 €

Whole arms

190,00 €

Hands + forearms

150,00 €

Breasts : Areola

50,00 €

Abdomen line

50,00 €

Extented bikini

80,00 €

Full bikini

110,00 €


190,00 €

Half legs

190,00 €

Full legs

290,00 €

Underarms + extended bikini

130,00 €

Underarms + full bikini

150,00 €

Half legs + underarms or extended bikini

240,00 €

Full legs + underarms or extended bikini

340,00 €

Half legs + underarms + extended bikini

260,00 €

Half legs + underarms + full bikini

280,00 €

Full legs + underarms + extended bikini

370,00 €

Full legs + underarms + full bikini

390,00 €


130,00 €

Men Shoulders

150,00 €

Men Torso

160,00 €

Men Full back

220,00 €

Men abdomen line

80,00 €

Men Full bikini

130,00 €

Underarms + Full bikini

180,00 €





Lutronic Clarity II Technology

This medical laser allows to send a very precise and high intensity light to a given target. A laser corresponds to a single wavelength (of the light spectrum), unlike pulsed light (IPL) which uses a less specific emission band. The laser is therefore much more powerful and more specific, allowing it to obtain very effective results.

Our aesthetic practice in Mulhouse (FRANCE), near Germany and Switzerland, is equipped with the Lutronic Clarity II.

For hair removal, the target is the melanin produced by a type of skin cell: the melanocytes located in the hair bulb, which is why only dark hair can be removed easily with the laser.

A permanent result after a few sessions

One session allows for the permanent removal of 15 to 20% of hair. Approximately 6 to 8 sessions are necessary, spaced 4-8 weeks apart depending on the hair growth, to eliminate almost all the hair. The hair follicle being destroyed, there is no more hair growth. Only blond or white hair will remain, which can be removed by electric hair removal.

We use the Laser Lutronic Clarity II device.

laser hair remove in France

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